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    A Typical Sunday

    Here’s what you can expect.  First, come as you are – no “Sunday best” required.  (If you’ve got children, you can check them in at the Hub, and take them to their zone in the rear of the Worship Center.)  Once you’ve grabbed some coffee and a Panera pastry, find a seat in the Worship Center.  After a period of uplifting worship with GCF’s music team, one of the pastors will present some quick announcements and receive any offerings that people want to give.  Then, Pastor Jason or another speaker will share a practical biblically-based sermon. Finally, the service will close with a brief worship and ministry time, where people can receive prayer or special ministry.  Each of the two Sunday services are identical, and are approximately 90 minutes in length.

    GCF Essentials

    For those ready to make a commitment to GCF as a church family, the Essentials class offers a more in-depth look at who we are, what we value, and how we seek to live out our faith. Each Essentials class is offered on a single Sunday, following the second service, towards the end of the spring and fall. Check out the Events page for details on the next Essentials class.

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