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    Our Mission…

    Inviting people to life in the Kingdom of God.


    Our Vision…


    We will be a bold, generous and compassionate church that produces flourishing followers of Jesus who positively impact our area and the world.


    We dream of a bold church full of people empowered by the Holy Spirit who are not ashamed of the Gospel – that Jesus is Lord – and who speak and live the Gospel with humility in every corner of life.


    We dream of a generous church where people give passionately and sacrificially of their time, talents and resources to invite people to life in the Kingdom of God.


    We dream of a compassionate church where people can come as they are and be understood as they are while also being immersed in loving and honest relationships that promote Christian maturity.


    We dream of a church that produces flourishing followers of Jesus; a church where people are becoming whole of mind, heart, relationships, and body in the Kingdom of God so that the beauty of their lives gives witness to the Lordship of Jesus over the Kingdom of God.


    We dream of having a positive impact on our area and our world.  As the Kingdom of God is manifested by our presence in Jessamine County, throughout central Kentucky and around the world, families, neighborhoods, towns and cities will experience the transformative well-being of God’s Kingdom.

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