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    The goal of GCF’s college ministry is to welcome students into the life of our faith family by sharing in worship, discipleship, and ministry and outreach opportunities. We want to share the journey each student is on as God prepares them to be missionaries and ambassadors for His kingdom throughout the earth.

    “Teshua”, meaning salvation or deliverance, is the college small group and meets Thursday evenings from 8:30-10 pm at the home of Ray & Stephanie Smith for a time of worship, teaching and prayer.

    Pastor Ranjo and the College Ministry Team (CMT) consisting of student representatives and adult volunteers lead college ministry. They serve as ministers to the students, lead Teshua and plan events.

    Students are also encouraged to participate in all Community Groups and areas of church ministry.

    College Ministry Team: Alanah Gardner (Sr), Jorge Castorena (Jr), Aaron Evans (Jr), Sarah Bosler (Jr), Judah Robinson (So), Naomi Friedeman (So), Leslie Meade (So), Levi Simonton (So), Adam Burge (So), Ray & Stephanie Smith.

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