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    We see community groups as the lifeblood of our church.  Its place where we grow together by learning to love Jesus, each other and our community.  We want people to be real with each other and support one another as we learn to hear the Holy Spirit and follow His leading in our lives.  Finally, We want to share God's love, healing and restoration with the world around us.  We hope our community groups are a place where we reflect the kingdom of God and share it with those around us!

    A typical community group meeting has four basic elements:
    - Gathering and hanging out
    - Discussion & sharing based on the sermon - the discussion will be guided by questions aimed at helping us apply the sermon to our lives.
    - Prayer - We want to take time to listen to the Holy Spirit, pray for each other and allow His leading and power to shape our lives.
    - Outreach - Each group will be encouraged to participate in an outreach efforts monthly so that it becomes part of our DNA to seek, serve and invite the lost into our community.


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