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    We are a faith family that loves locally and reaches globally.

    Locally, we are involved with a number of Community Service agencies that include All God’s Children (a home for young mothers), the Wilmore/High Bridge Community Service Center, The Catholic Action Center (providing shelter and services for the homeless), the Thompson-Hood Veterans Center (providing long-term care for veterans), Eastern Kentucky Hospital (one of our state’s mental health facilities) as well as our local schools. We also spend some time sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors at local apartment complexes. Activities with these agencies and complexes are on-going throughout the year, but we make directed efforts each December and Spring with Christmas Impact and Easter Impact. We find out the needs of these agencies and others and sign up as many volunteers as we can to help them out.

    Globally and nationally, we support missionaries in inner city Indianapolis, Thailand, Northern Ireland, Israel, Guatemala, and a network of more than 300 churches in East Africa. We also partner with Go International to send teams of our own people to serve in various regions of the world; including many of the locations where we support long-term missionaries and missions work.

    As a member of the Vineyard Association of Churches, a portion of our financial giving is used to plant new Vineyard congregations here in the United States and to support Vineyard missionaries around the world.

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