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    Worship is how we relate to God.  When we encounter God our natural response is to worship Him.  He is worthy of our praise, glory, honor, surrender and really, everything!  Here at the Vineyard we want to be a community of worshipers.  A people who host the presence of God in all of our gatherings and spaces.


    The specific goal of our worship team is “Helping people encounter God” and we want to do it in as many ways as possible.  To that end we want to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to use their gifts in worship.  A few of those opportunities are –


    Worship Band – leads music for worship gatherings


    Production Team – Sound, media and video recording and editing.


    Prayer Team – provides prayer ministry at worship gatherings.


    Worship Design Team – Physical and graphic design for our worship spaces

    Encounter Nights – Worship nights created for soaking in the presence of God and allowing for multiple expressions in worship.

    Worship Circles – Nights aimed at encouraging and nurturing the musical gifts in our body.  All are welcome regardless of skill level.

    Creative Art Nights – Worship nights aimed at worshiping through the Arts



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